The Ad interim Director of the NIJ met with representatives of the key institutions of the justice system and development partners

29. 03. 2024

On Thursday, March 28, 2024, a working meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Superior Council of Magistracy, the Superior Council of Prosecutors, the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Section of the United States Embassy in the Republic of Moldova and the United Nations Development Programme took place at the National Institute of Justice.

During the meeting, the discussions focused on the basic prerogative of the National Institute of Justice in the process of training candidates to the positions of judge and prosecutor, in the context of justice reform. At the same time, the meeting was an opportunity for the Ad interim Director of the National Institute of Justice, Adrian Cerbu, to have a constructive dialogue with the representatives of the Superior Council of Magistracy and the Superior Council of Prosecutors regarding the employment of NIJ graduates, but also to analyze the subject related to the number of places to be taken out in the NIJ admission contest for candidates to the positions of judge and prosecutor in the future.

At the same time, the objectives set out in the Strategy for Ensuring the Independence and Integrity of the justice sector for 2022-2025, as well as the identification of needs in the initial training segment, for a short and medium term, were addressed. The parties also agreed to meet regularly in order to find viable solutions to the emerging demands of the Institute.