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HELP electronic courses taken over by INJ

These e-courses are periodically launched by INJ with HELP certified tutors, for its beneficiaries, on the ILIAS platform of INJ or HELP of CoE and are certified by INJ (electronic certificate) with the record of academic hours accumulated in the INJ intranet.

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1. Pre-trial investigation and the European Convention on Human Rights 

2. International Cooperation in Criminal Matters

3. Anti-discrimination 

4. Child-friendly justice 

5. Key human rights principles in biomedicine

6. Alternative measures to detention

7. Family Lawand Human Rights

8. Introduction to the European Convenction on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights (including initial training) 

9. Introduction to Article 5 ECHR: The right to liberty and security (including initial training) 

10. Prohibition of Ill-treatment (including initial training) 

11. Access to Justice for Women

12. Ethics for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers

13. Hate Speech

14. The Environment and Human and Human Rights

15. Procedural Safeguards in Criminal Proceedings and Victim’s Rights 

16. CPT Standards

17. Judicial Reasoning and Human Rights

18. Violence against Women and Domestic Violence

19. Data Protection and Privacy Rights

20. Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence

21. Labour Rights as Human Rights

22. Asylum, Migration and Displacement courses



HELP electronic courses

These e-courses are freely accessible on the HELP Platform of the CoE in different languages, as a rule they are not provided with tutoring and are automatically certified by HELP (electronic certificate), without the automatic record of the number of academic hours accumulated in the INJ intranet.

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