Annual Conference of the Council of Europe's Programme on human rights education for legal professionals (HELP), at its 20th edition, carried out its work on July 4-5, 2024 in Strasbourg.


Registration for the 2024 admission competition for the initial training courses for candidates to the positions of judge and prosecutor has ended. Between May 20 and July 1, 2024, the submission of files took place electronically, on the website of the National Institute of Justice.


Between June 24-27, 2024, in the context of signing the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Academy of Justice of the Republic of Turkey, representatives of the National Institute of Justice of the Republic of Moldova were on a study visit to Ankara.


In the context of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, which is celebrated annually on June 26, the National Institute of Justice has activated two e-courses provided on the ILIAS of NIJ and HELP of CoE training platforms: „Standards of the European Committee for the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (CPT)” and „Prohibition of ill-treatment in law-enforcement, security and other coercive contexts”.


On Monday, June 24, 2024, in Ankara, was concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation between the National Institute of Justice of the Republic of Moldova and the Justice Academy of the Republic of Turkey. The document is an important step in strengthening bilateral relations in the legal sector and, in particular, in legal training, being an opportunity for parties to benefit from exchange of knowledge and best practices.