On Monday, March 22, 2021, the Guide on the European Convention on Human Rights during the Covid-19 pandemic was launched online - an event held simultaneously in three magistracy schools: the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) of the Republic of Moldova, the National Institute of Magistracy (NIM) of Romania and the Academy of Justice (AJ) of Armenia.


The trainees of the National Institute of Justice, candidates to the positions of prosecutor, have participated in the public lesson "Prosecutors' self-administration: vision, standards, priorities", held by the representatives of the Superior Council of Prosecutors - Angela Motuzoc, President, and Inga Furtuna, member.


Today, February 17, 2021, took place, in an online format, the closing conference of the Council of Europe program „Promoting a human rights compliant criminal justice system in the Republic of Moldova”, funded by the Government of Norway and part of the Action Plan of the Council of Europe for the Republic of Moldova, 2017-2020.



For two days, between December 9-10, nine trainers from the National Institute of Justice have participated in an international online training course in order to become certified tutors of the European Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) of the Council of Europe. The event brought together legal specialists selected by the NIJ and other national partners in the HELP network, as well as professionals from other Council of Europe member states.