Continuous training

The continuous training of the beneficiaries of the National Institute of Justice is one of its key competences and represents professional high quality training of judges, prosecutors and other stakeholders in the area of justice necessary for the increase of the efficiency, independency and integrity of the justice system of the Republic of Moldova.

The NIJ organizes the continuous training courses for the following categories of the beneficiaries:  

  • judges,
  • prosecutors,
  • court registrars,
  • judicial assistants,
  • heads of court chancelleries,
  • prosecutor’s consultants,
  • probation officers,
  • attorneys involved in state-guaranteed legal assistance,
  • other individuals who act in the area of justice.

The National Institute of Justice organizes the professional continuous training of the beneficiaries based on study plans (modules) approved by the Council of the NIJ, on a yearly basis, by 30 November of the year preceding the year of studies.

The acting judges and prosecutors are obliged to follow, at least 40 hours per year of studies, where 24 hours should be specialized study courses. The number of hours of continuous training to be followed by court registrars, judicial assistants, prosecutor’s consultants, heads of court chancelleries, prosecutor’s consultants, probation officers and attorneys involved in state-guaranteed legal assistance is approved by the Council of NIJ based on its possibilities and organizational resources.

The activities included in the study plans are integrated to the Informational System (IS) of the NIJ. The judges and prosecutors have direct and personal access to the IS of NIJ, being entitled to select the courses they are interested in, apply online and follow 40 to 80 study hours per year, subject to the availability of the studies.  

The continuous training is performed by trainers included in the network of trainers. In addition to these trainers, occasionally, specific experts from certain areas may be invited to the study courses.  

Following the finalization of the study courses, each participant is provided, through IS of the NIJ, with an electronically generated participation certificate, specifying the number of study hours. The Superior Council of Magistrates and the Superior Council of Prosecutors, together with specialized Panels with these two institutions have direct access to the IS of the NIJ and the training activities contained therein designed for judges and, respectively, prosecutors and prosecutor’s consultants.

The professional continuous training of judges and prosecutors is performed taking into account their needs, with a focus on the development of their professional competences by applying multi-disciplinary proceeds, high level professional ethics, acquiring of necessary technical and non-legal techniques, unified court practice in the relevant priority areas, formation of IT usage abilities.