Initial training

The initial training of the individuals acting in the justice system, for the first time in the Republic of Moldova, has been performed by the National Institute of Justice.  

The initial training is the training of the individuals having university degree, being, where applicable, a precondition for their appointment to the position of a judge or prosecutor.  

The beneficiaries of the initial training are the candidates to the position of a judge or prosecutor.

The admission to the initial training of the candidate to the position of a judge or prosecutor is made on a competition basis.  

The initial training offered by the NIJ is focused on priority areas provided by the strategic documents and the dynamics of the legislative process. During the training, an accent is made to the in-depth knowledge of national legal framework, European and international treaties, the Republic of Moldova is party to, court practice of the local courts and the Constitutional Court, court practice of the European Court for Human Rights, the European Court of Justice and the comparative law. In addition, it is important to ensure that the in-depth knowledge of the national and international law, together with its procedural aspects, is provided without the repeating of the knowledge given at university. Practical use of knowledge, ethic norms relevant to the profession of judges and prosecutors, study of certain international languages, computer literacy and use of Internet are the key areas of this training activity.

The initial training of judges and prosecutors is financed by the state budget, while initial training of other individuals who contribute to the administration of justice is performed on a contractual basis.