About the NIJ

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) was inaugurated on 9 November 2007. As per the provisions of Law on the National Institute of Justice passed by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova on 8 June 2006, NIJ is a public institution having its own assets, together with administrative, scientific and didactics autonomy.

NIJ performs initial training of the candidates to the positions of a judge and prosecutor, continuous training of acting judges and prosecutors, court registrars, judicial assistants, heads of court chancelleries, prosecutors’ consultants, probations officers, attorneys involved in state-guaranteed legal assistance, together with the initial and continuous training of other individuals who act in the justice areas, as these are provided by the law.

The very purpose of establishment of NIJ is to act as a value factor of promoting the rule of law in the Republic of Moldova.  The mission of the NIJ is to ensure independency, transparency and efficiency of national justice.  

The information published on the official webpage of the National Institute of Justice launched with the support of the UNDP offers social visibility of NIJ’s activity and the process of initial and continuous training of the judges and prosecutors involved in the administration of law and protection of the human rights.