Traditionally, The National Institute of Justice joins the United Nations campaign „16 days of activism against gender-based violence” to reaffirm its strong commitment to stopping and combating gender-based violence. The theme of this year's campaign is „Let's invest in preventing violence against women and girls”.


The National Institute of Justice and the Council of Europe launched online on November 23, 2023, two HELP e-courses – „Protection of personal data and the right to privacy” and „Cybercrime and electronic evidence”, tutored at national level by NIJ.


Wednesday, November 22, 2023, the National Institute of Justice hosted the discussions panel entitled „Efficient implementation of judicial agreements of public interest: the experience of the National Financial Prosecutor's Office in France”. The meeting was attended by foreign experts, including the National Financial Prosecutor's Office of France, heads of justice sector institutions, judges, prosecutors, NIJ trainees, lawyers and representatives of the Ministry of Finance.


In September and October 2023, beneficiaries of the National Institute of Justice were in professional training at Romanian courts and prosecutors' offices. The initiation programs lasted three days each, being an important part in the process of acquiring new knowledge, sharing experiences and developing professional skills.


National Institute of Justice, represented by Olga Marandici, head of the International Relations Section, participated in the advanced international training program „Prevention and response to gender-based violence – strengthening agents of change”. Organized by Kvinna till Kvinna in collaboration with the Swedish Police Authority, the event took place from 11-18 November 2023 in Montenegro and aimed to increase the capacities of organizations and national authorities to prevent and provide an effective response to gender-based violence.