E-learning study courses

E-learning means the use of modern technologies and the Internet capable for offering a series of technical solutions configured to serve the needs of training.

E-learning solutions offered by the NIJ to its beneficiaries represent ILIAS study platform which contains various e-study courses drafted by our trainers.

Below you may find out the relevant details on these e-study courses. (click on the name of the course)

1.Phisochological specifics and particularities of interrogation of the victims of human trafficking

2.Protection of the personal data at courts

3.Refugees rights protection in the Republic of Moldova: Legal provisions

4.English for Legal Purposes (offered by the National School of Court Registrars)

5.Criminal proceedings and the European Convention for Human Rights (offered by the Council of Europe, HELP)  To be launched

6.Didactical Guidelines of the NSCC (offered by the National School of Court Registrars)