e-Learning study courses


Continuous e-learning courses


  1. Alternative measures to detention
  2. Anti-discrimination
  3. Bioethics
  4. Child-friendly Justice
  5. Family Law and Human Rights
  6. International Cooperation on Criminal Matters
  7. Introduction to the ECHR and the ECtHR
  8. Pre-trial Investigation and the ECHR
  9. Prohibition of Ill-treatment
  10. Right to Liberty and Security
  11. The psychological specifics and peculiarities of hearing the victims of human trafficking
  12. Protection of personal data in the courts
  13. Protection of migrants' rights in the Republic of Moldova: Legal provisions
  14. English for Legal Purposes (provided by the National School of Clerks)
  15. Romanian language (provided by the National School of Clerks)
  16. Judicial Psychology
  17. UN Human Rights System (including initial training)


Training of trainers e-learning courses


  1. Application of active-participatory training methodology
  2. NSC Teaching Guide (provided by the National School of Clerks) 



Initial e-learning courses

  1. Forensic Tactics