The National Institute of Justice has started the entrance exam

04. 09. 2023

The National Institute of Justice has launched the entrance exam to the initial training courses for candidates to the positions of judge and prosecutor, who will study between October 2023 and April 2025.

According to the provisions of the Regulation on the organization and conduct of the admission competition, the admission session is carried out both in writing, by electronic support of the eliminatory psychological test and the specialized test, as well as orally before the Admissions Commission. The written and oral exams are recorded video and audio.

Today and tomorrow, September 4-5, 2023, the competitors, divided into six groups, sustain the first test – the eliminatory psychological test. Depending on the score calculated by the computerized program, participants will be admitted or rejected in the specialized test – a grid test with questions from the following fields: civil law, civil procedural law, administrative law, administrative procedural law, criminal law, criminal procedural law and human rights. The information system of NIJ will randomly generate for each competitor 400 questions out of the 1600, thus creating individual tests for the participants in the admission competition. Subsequently, in the oral test, the competitors will solve two cases, generated by the software, in the same disciplines.

We mention that in the current admission session, 30 places for the candidates to the position of judge and 15 places for the candidates to the position of prosecutor were placed for competition. File submission took place online, and 109 competitors met the conditions for participation – 73 files of potential candidates to the position of judge and 36 files of those wishing to become candidates to the position of prosecutor.