“Methodology of adult training”: Winter school for NIJ trainers

13. 01. 2023

Strengthening the training skills of trainers is one of the National Institute of Justice priorities, raising the professionalism of the NIJ beneficiaries being directly proportional to the quality of training and training skills of the NIJ trainers. That is why the first professional development activity of this year organized by the National Institute of Justice in partnership with the Council of Europe (CoE) included a winter school in the field of adult training methodology. The event, addressed to a group of trainers, took place in January 11-12, 2023.

The training sessions, delivered by Ivana ROAGNA, international consultant of the Council of Europe, were preceded by greetings from Ecaterina Popa, ad interim director of the National Institute of Justice, and Diana Cealic, senior coordinator of the CoE project “Strengthening the capacities of the justice sector actors to deliver justice in line with European standards, in particular to fight discrimination in the Republic of Moldova”.

The program agenda included theoretical and practical aspects regarding the elucidation of a learning process of the beneficiaries. Thus, the participants of the winter school assimilated knowledge about the development of a face-to-face and online training, established links between the training objectives and methods, knew techniques for assessing the impact of training, did practical exercises related to non-verbal communication and the management of the difficult audience. NIJ trainers were also familiarized with the adult training theories of Malcolm Knowles and David Kolb, the advantages and disadvantages of different teaching techniques, and their implementation in training activities.