„When the prosecutor needs to know the civil law. About sequestrations and titles”: public lesson held by the NIM trainer, university professor, PhD. Radu Alexandru Rizoiu

01. 04. 2024

On Friday, March 29, 2024, at the National Institute of Justice was organized the public lesson held by the trainer of the National Institute of Magistracy (NIM) from Romania, university professor, Radu Alexandru Rizoiu, with the generic „When the prosecutor must know the civil law. About sequestrations and titles”. The event was designed for the NIJ trainees, candidates to the positions of judge and prosecutor. 

During the public lesson, the NIM trainer referred to topics related to the interconnection of forced execution and criminal law, the legal and procedural subtleties of the sequestration, as well as the role of prosecutors in these processes.

The topic raised an interest from future judges and prosecutors in the context of comparative analysis of legislative provisions in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, but also highlighting the expertise of Professor Radu Alexandru Rizoiu.

To note that, last year, the NIJ trainees participated in the public lesson „The age of sufficient or overabundant reason? About the reasoning of the decision and the indictment”, held by Radu Alexandru Rizoiu, who aimed, from theoretical and practical perspectives, the importance of motivation, as a basic element determining the quality of a decision, the, types of reasoning (form, background and structure) and argumentation (in fact, by law, the problem of motivation as justification and not as reasoning).