E-learning course “Electoral dispute Resolution”. The first module dedicated to the ECtHR case-law has been launched

28. 11. 2022

On Friday, November 25, 2022, the first module dedicated to the ECtHR case-law of the electronic course “Electoral dispute Resolution” was launched. The module was developed within the framework of the Council of Europe project “Improving electoral practice in the Republic of Moldova, Phase II” in cooperation with the National Institute of Justice, the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Moldova and the Center for Continuous Electoral Training.

In the opening of the event, which brought together judges, judicial assistants, lawyers and electoral officials, spoked Ecaterina Popa, NIJ ad interim director, Angelica Caraman, CEC President, William Massolin, head of CoE Office in Chisinau, and Doina Bordeianu, director of CCET.The speakers reiterated the effective cooperation between the institutions through judicial training in electoral matters, as well as the importance of the course as a useful tool in their professional work both for judges and electoral officials. They also assured the participants that other modules will be drafted according to the national legislative changes in the electoral field.

During the launch, the Council of Europe consultants who developed the course – Eiri-Maria Gounari, Dmytro Tretyakov, lawyer of the ECtHR Registry from CoE, Vadim Vieru and Mihaela Duca-Anghelici from Promo-Lex Association, Tatiana Ciaglic, Head of the Legal Information Center of the NIJ and Vasile Devor, IT consultant CoE,  presented topics related to the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights in the resolution of electoral disputes, the objectives and structure of the module, as well as technical aspects related to the training sessions.

The course “Electoral disputes resolution”, the 20-hour module of the ECtHR will be active between November 30, 2022 and January 6, 2023, on the ILIAS platform of the National Institute of Justice. The module provides a broad description, in the light of the ECtHR case-law, of the principles that interpret the right to free elections (Article 3 Protocol No 1), of the situations in which Article 3 of Protocol No 1 does not apply, and of the restrictions on the right to choose and stand as candidates in elections. At the same time, the participants will become familiar with the relevant case-law in which other rights of the Convention may be affected during electoral campaigns, as well as with the cases of the Republic of Moldova at the ECtHR.