Ethics and judgecraft: creating the skills matrix for being a good judge

19. 09. 2022

In order to raise awareness of the current diversity of ethical concepts and their influence on the law interpretation and the assessment of facts, trainers of the National Institute of Justice attended the seminar "Ethics and judgecraft - the art of being a judge". Focused on the set of common skills applicable to judges at all levels of jurisdiction, the subject of the training program included elements regarding judicial and ethical conduct, judicial adaptability and practicing non-legal skills in the courtroom.

The seminar took place between September 15-16, 2022, in Bucharest, Romania, being taught by the trainers of the National Institute of Magistracy – Roxana Rizoiu, Dana Burca, Horatius Dumbrava, judge, and Cristian Daniel Oana, judge. The experts supported the debates and the expression of points of view on the issues that were discussed, both through the prism of legal institutions, as well as by solving practical cases. Thus, the participants assimilated knowledge regarding general aspects of communication and resilience, identifying non-legal situations relevant for the legal and thorough resolution of legal issues, and the application in the current activity of the solutions found out in the workshops.

The NIJ trainers attended the seminar organized by the National Institute of  Magistracy, within the project ”Strengthening the justice system by organizing expertise transfer missions addressed to judges and prosecutors from the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by the Agency for International Development Cooperation  (RoAid), under the coordination of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, due to the support provided for the judicial system reform. The project cooperation directions aim to involve judges and prosecutors from the Republic of Moldova in professional development activities organized by NIM, study visits to institutions within the Romanian judicial system, as well as the invitation of the NIM trainers as experts at trainings dedicated for moldovan magistrates.