The National Institute of Justice, visited by a delegation of professionals from Kyrgyzstan

23. 11. 2022

A group of Kyrgyz lawyers responsible for the legal aid service visited the National Institute of Justice on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, to meet with the ad interim director, Ecaterina Popa. The delegation included Deputy Minister of Justice Orozbek Sadykov, President of the Legal Aid Council, Akjol Kalbekov, lawyers and Para jurists from Kyrgyzstan, accompanied by Alexandru Tanase, key expert of the Program on the Rule of Law in the Kyrgyz Republic - phase two, implemented by the German Society for International Cooperation, Former President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova.

On behalf of the Institute, the meeting was also attended by Cezara-Elena-Polisca, Head of the didactical- methodology and Training of Trainers Section, Tatiana Ciaglic, Head of the legal information Center, Olga Marandici, Head of the International Relations Section, as well as the NJI trainers, lawyers Arina Turcan-Dontu and Vladimir Palamarciuc.

During the visit were approached topics about the organization and functioning of the National Institute of Justice on the four dimensions: initial training, continuous training, training of trainers and e-learning. At the same time, the guests were interested in the standards and priorities in the professional development of lawyers providing legal aid. In this context, it was mentioned that for this category of beneficiaries are regularly organized trainings within an institutionalized module on the particularities of granting legal aid on different types of cases. On designing the respective module, the proposals received from the National Council for Legal Aid are taken into account. Also taking into consideration the positive impact of mixed trainings are carried out activities in which are trained ex officio lawyers, judges, prosecutors, judicial assistants, etc.

At the end of the visit, the Kyrgyz delegation made a tour through the headquarters of the institution, to the study rooms where the future judges and prosecutors are trained, including in the simulation room for trial trials.