New cooperation prospects within CoE project on women's access to justice, discussed at NIJ

25. 01. 2024

Ad interim Director, Ecaterina Popa, met on Wednesday, January 24, 2024 with Danko Runic, project manager, and Elena Moisei, senior project officer of the Directorate General of Democracy and Human Dignity - Gender Equality Division of the Council of Europe at the National Institute of Justice. The meeting was also attended by Olga Marandici, advisor to the Director of the NIJ, head of the International Relations Section.

During the discussion, the great cooperation between the Council of Europe and the National Institute of Justice was reconfirmed through projects that bring value to judicial training of NIJ beneficiaries. In particular, the upward dynamics of activities that are part of the CoE project „Women's access to justice: implementation of Council of Europe's standards on gender equality and violence against women” was noted.

Also, new collaboration perspectives were approached: organizing exchanges of the best  practices of the schools of magistracy from countries of the European Union and of the Eastern Partnership, under the umbrella of the EJTN; mapping the strengths and weaknesses of the trainings provided by the NIJ in the field of gender equality and drafting a report according to the recommendations of the European Commission; dissemination of a questionnaire on the integration of gender equality in law faculties and other training actions, including study visit to take over good practice in promoting gender equality.

It should be noted that, thanks to the project „Women's access to justice: implementation of Council of Europe standards on gender equality and violence against women” three generations of NIJ mentors-trainers were trained within the framework of the „Mentoring programme on women's access to justice” and have been activated repeatedly HELP courses „Women's access to justice” and „Violence against women and domestic violence” attended by law professionals.