NIJ Council approved the results of the admission exam

31. 10. 2023

On Monday, October 30, 2023, members of the Council of the National Institute of Justice met to discuss some issues related to the activity of the NIJ. One of the important topics addressed at the meeting was the approval of the admission exam results and the lists of candidates for the initial training of candidates to the positions of judge and prosecutor.

The NIJ-2023 admission exam, held between September 4-29, 2023, consisted of two stages: the written test held electronically and the oral test. In turn, the written test was composed of an eliminative psychological test and a specialized test, also called a grid test. Both stages of the exam were recorded video and audio. The potential trainees of the NIJ were evaluated by the Commission for the admission exam, made up of representatives appointed by the Superior Council of Magistrates and the Superior Council of Prosecutors, as well as university professors who hold the title of doctor of law or superior one, from legal fields of the disciplines included in the competition tests.

Based on the Report on the conduct of the examination submitted by the Commission for admission exams, the members of the NIJ Council approved the results of the admission exam and the lists of participants who promoted the competition. Thus, the initial training course of candidates to the positions of judge and prosecutor will start on November 16.

Another topic on the agenda concerned the exam for persons who candidate to the position of judge or prosecutor based on their seniority in work, expected to take place in November and December. In order to ensure the proper organization of the examination, the NIJ Council decided that it should take place in the first half of 2024.

Also, during the meeting, was decided to launch the complex evaluation of all trainers from the NIJ Trainer Network by the Competition and Evaluation Committee. The evaluation procedure will be carried out in accordance with the Trainer's Statute, approved in July 2023, by applying the new selection criteria, in order to establish and strengthen a professional contingent of trainers to train both, future judges and prosecutors, as well as those in function, in the spirit of the demands of European integration.