The NIJ has started the admission exams

01. 09. 2022

At the National Institute of Justice have started the admission exams of the initial training courses for candidates to the positions of judge and prosecutor. The admission session is carried out in two stages: the electronic written test, consisting of the psychological test and the specialty test, and the oral test.

The interested persons to become trainees at the NIJ, are taking today and tomorrow, September, 1-2 2022, the first written test - the eliminatory psychological test. In order to eliminate the human factor and suspicions of fraud in the written test, the competitors will be evaluated through the computerized program, their identity being anonymized.

The specialty test, will take place during September, 12-14, 2022.  For three astronomical hours the competitors will answer 400 questions, randomly selected by the software from a total of 1600 - the civil law, criminal law, civil procedural law, criminal procedural law, administrative law and human rights disciplines. The competitor will choose only one answer out of the three provided by the program.

During September, 21-26 2022, the oral test will be held, which involves solving two cases, generated by the software, at the same disciplines.

Both the written and the oral test are video and audio recorded.

We mention that at the 2022 admission contest, 10 places were offered for candidates to the positions of judge and 15 places for candidates to the positions of prosecutor.