NIJ trainers attended the "Justice for minors" summer school

04. 07. 2022

In order to promote child-friendly justice, as a constant concern of the judiciary, and to increase the reaction capacities and skills of practitioners in the reference field, the trainers of the National Institute of Justice participated in the 17th edition of the summer school "Justice for minors”.

The event took place between June 27 and July 1, 2022, in Sinaia, Romania, with the Romanian National Institute of Magistracy (INM) trainers and other specialists in relevant fields’ support, who facilitated interdisciplinary debates.

During five days, the training program beneficiaries - judges, prosecutors and justice trainees - learned the latest relevant legal provisions and jurisprudence developments, new techniques for dealing with interaction with minors during the court proceedings, ways to handle domestic violence cases, focusing on the best interests of the child, the peculiarities of interaction with minors from an interdisciplinary perspective (child psychology, interpretation and child reactions handling), etc.

The participation of the National Institute of Justice trainers in the summer school took place in the context of the project "Justice Assistance for the Republic of Moldova" implementation, provided by the Agency for International Development Cooperation (RoAid), under the coordination of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thanks to the support provided for the realization of the ambitious agenda of justice system reform proposed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova. The project cooperation directions aim at involving judges and prosecutors from the Republic of Moldova in professional development activities organized by INM, study visits to institutions of the Romanian judicial system, as well as invite INM trainers as experts in Moldovan magistrates’ training.