The Competition on adversary procedure, at the third edition

04. 05. 2018

The third edition of the Competition on adversary procedure, organized by the Leavitt Institute for International Development of the United States of America for the trainees of the National Institute of Justice is successfully completed.

The final of the competition, attended by prosecutors, trainers and NIJ development partners, took place on Thursday, May 3, at the National Institute of Justice. The candidates to the position of judge and prosecutor had the possibility to apply their knowledge and necessary skills in order to achieve a high level performance in the court room, also to develop persuasive communication abilities and to act according to deontological norms.

At the final stage, two teams have participated to a simulated trial before the jury, demonstrating their oratory competencies during the introductive discourses and final pleadings, but also during the direct or cross-examination of witnesses.

The defense, constituted by Cristina Novac and Dmitrii Achimenco, candidates to the position of prosecutor, defeated the prosecution team, formed by Alexandra Smolnitchi and Nicolae Negru, candidates to the position of judge.

Both the winners and the participants to the competition are given the chance to apply for a three weeks internship in USA and Canada, where they will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the American law system.