Between December 1-2, 2023, in Tashkent and Samarkand, Uzbekistan, took place the international conference "Legal Education and Research in Upholding the Rule of Law: Current Trends and Future Directions". Organized on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Law Enforcement Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the event brought together representatives of the law sector, academics, researchers, experts from Asia and Europe (China, France, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Portugal, Sweden, USA, Turkey, etc.). From the National Institute of Justice were present Ecaterina Popa, ad interim Director, and Olga Marandici, advisor to the NIJ Director, head of the International Relations Section.


From November 29 to December 1, 2023, a group of judges and trainers of the National Institute of Justice participated in a study visit to the Federal Republic of Germany.


In the context of the international campaign „16 days of actions against gender-based violence”, the National Institute of Justice, The Women's Law Centre (WLC) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) held Wednesday, November 29 2023, a public lesson and a document-exhibition on the phenomenon of sexual violence with the generic „Don't blame the clothes!”. The actions, addressed to the NIJ trainees, aimed at combating stereotypes of blaming the victim of sexual abuse and dispelling the myth that sexual assault is caused by the victim.


Traditionally, The National Institute of Justice joins the United Nations campaign „16 days of activism against gender-based violence” to reaffirm its strong commitment to stopping and combating gender-based violence. The theme of this year's campaign is „Let's invest in preventing violence against women and girls”.


The National Institute of Justice and the Council of Europe launched online on November 23, 2023, two HELP e-courses – „Protection of personal data and the right to privacy” and „Cybercrime and electronic evidence”, tutored at national level by NIJ.