Diversity, solidarity and European spirit were the key words at the finalist award ceremony of the National Fine Arts Competition „My home is your home: Together in safety”, 4th edition It was organized by the National Institute of Justice and the School of Fine Arts „Alexei Sciusev”, in partnership with the Council of Europe project „Strengthening the protection of the human rights of refugees and migrants in the Republic of Moldova”, and the Law Centre of Lawyers.


On Friday, May 5, 2023, at the National Institute of Justice was launched the Guide on the administration and operation of the courts, developed by USAID Moldova within the project “Model courts”. The event brought together presidents, deputy presidents and heads of the court secretariats from all the country.


On Thursday, May 4, 2023, in hybrid format, the trilateral meeting between the representatives of the National Institute of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, of the National Institute of Magistracy (NIM ) of Romania and of the International Development Cooperation Agency ( RoAid ) took place.


The ad interim director of the National Institute of Justice, Ecaterina Popa, met on Friday, April 28, 2023, with the representatives of the Council of Europe, the coordinators from Strasbourg and Chisinau of the project “Supporting the implementation of the Istanbul Convention in the Republic of Moldova” – Anna Lungu and Elena Moisei.


On Friday, April 28, 2023, a meeting between Ecaterina Popa, NIJ ad interim director, Olga Marandici, Head of the International Relations Section, and representatives of the Swedish governmental and non-governmental sector, Daniel Gheorghiu from the of National Operations Department of the Swedish Police Authority, and Eva Zillén, Founder and principal consultant of Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation took place.