French experience in the efficient management of courts and prosecutors shared with representatives of the national law system

30. 03. 2023

Strengthening administrative and managerial capacities in the legal field plays a key role in ensuring efficient and high-quality justice. In this regard, the National Institute of Justice, in partnership with the National School of Magistracy and the Embassy of the French Republic, organized on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, the seminar “Management of Courts and Prosecutors”.

About the importance of proper administration of courts and prosecutors and about the usefulness of familiarizing the representatives of the national law system with the French practice of managing the relevant institutions, spoke at the beginning of the course, Ecaterina Popa, ad interim director of the National Institute of Justice, Igor Demciucin, Deputy of the ad Interim Prosecutor General, as well as the trainers of the training – Jean-François Beynel, first President of the Court of Appeal in Versailles, and Pierre de Monte, liaison magistrate from the Embassy of the French Republic in Bucharest with competences for the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

The professional development program brought together theoretical aspects and working in groups created by presidents and vice-presidents of courts, heads of specialized prosecutor’s offices and territorial prosecutor’s offices and trainees of the National Institute of Justice. Thus, a number of topics related to the administration of courts and prosecutors were addressed, including best practices for managing human resources, budget and real estate. At the same time, during the training sessions, the beneficiaries of the training deepened their knowledge in the complex field of implementation of criminal policy and ethical and deontological principles in the work for the heads of courts and prosecutors.

We mention that the development of the skills of judges and prosecutors, especially of persons holding management positions, in the field of court or prosecution management and leadership is an objective set out in the “Strategy on ensuring the independence and integrity of the justice sector for 2022-2025”.