National Institute of Justice visited by British experts in the field of organized crime

09. 02. 2024

Today, on February 9, 2024, a meeting took place at the National Institute of Justice between the ad interim Director, Ecaterina Popa, and international experts – Mark Carroll, Director of Criminal Justice at the International Development Organization for Justice (IJD), and Kim Holden, Second Secretary at the United Kingdom Embassy in the Republic of Moldova.

During the meeting, Ecaterina Popa provided an overview of the mission of the National Institute of Justice and its role in fulfilling the conditions for the Republic of Moldova to become a member state of the European Union. The importance of providing quality legal training for beneficiaries of the National Institute of Justice was emphasized, with a particular focus on anti-corruption, integrity, and international legal cooperation, as indicated in strategic documents. In this context, the effective collaboration and expertise of partners in this segment were highlighted, particularly with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), the Institute for Policies and European Reforms, and the CEELI Institute in Prague.

The dialogue also addressed the implementation of joint actions regarding the organization of mixed-format training sessions, including the participation of translators for better formulation of requests for mutual legal assistance, the development of a glossary of legal terms, and the revision of the guide on international legal cooperation in criminal matters.

Participants in the discussions included Olga Marandici, head of the International Relations Unit, and Cezara-Elena Polisca, head of the of the Training of Trainers and Didactics Methodological Unit.

Note: International expert Mark Carroll is currently on a fact-finding mission in the Republic of Moldova, contracted by the project implemented by GIZ and the EU, "Strengthening the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Mechanisms in the Republic of Moldova". His role involves providing support to the General Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Justice, aiming to enhance the quality of international legal assistance throughout the stages of criminal investigation, trial, and post-trial.