The NIJ maintains its ISO certification

02. 06. 2020

The management of the National Institute of Justice operates in accordance with the principles of the Quality Management System (QMS). The external surveillance audit, which took place in May 2020 and aimed to assess how the QMS continues to meet the requirements, maintained the certification of compliance with the international standards SM SR EN ISO 9001:2016 / ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21001:2018.

The certificates are valid for the following scopes and types of activity: Initial training for candidates to the positions of judge and prosecutor, continuous training for judges and prosecutors, court clerks, judicial assistants, heads of court chancelleries, prosecutor’s consultants, probation officers, attorneys involved in state-guaranteed legal assistance and other individuals who act in the area of justice.

The external surveillance audit was performed by CERTIND, a certification body in Romania.

NIJ has obtained three of conformity of the international quality management system: SM SR EN ISO 9001: 2016 / ISO 9001: 2015; SM ISO 29990: 2016; ISO 21001: 2018