Nine NIJ trainers, potential national tutors of the HELP Programme of the CoE

11. 12. 2020

For two days, between December 9-10, nine trainers from the National Institute of Justice have participated in an international online training course in order to become certified tutors of the European Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) of the Council of Europe. The event brought together legal specialists selected by the NIJ and other national partners in the HELP network, as well as professionals from other Council of Europe member states.

The event started with a welcome address from the NIJ Director, Diana Scobioala, who spoke about the experience of the National Institute of Justice in launching ten HELP courses adapted to the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

The training sessions that followed were delivered by Eva Pastrana, the Head of the HELP Unit of the Council of Europe, Diana Scobioala, HELP Focal Point, National Tutor, as well as the experts from the HELP Unit of the Council of Europe - Ana Medarska-Lazova, Douglas Maxwell, Lilian Apostol and Ana-Maria Telbis.

During the activity, the participants learned how to adapt the HELP programs to the national legal order and to develop their own courses using the HELP methodology, course materials, tools and resources available on the e-learning platform, as well as interactive training methods. Those who successfully complete the ToT course will be included in the list of HELP trainers certified by the Council of Europe.