#RedMyLips - an action of solidarity with the victims of sexual harassment

01. 04. 2019

The National Institute of Justice joins the Red My Lips international campaign, initiated locally by "Action for Justice" - a community of young professionals from different branches of law, including NIJ trainees, future judges and prosecutors.

The Red My Lips Social Campaign is organized annually in several countries, in April, also called the Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In order to increase the visibility and awareness of the phenomenon of sexual violence against women and domestic violence, and as a sign of solidarity with the victims of sexual harassment, during April people around the world will wear red lipstick.

This year, "Action for Justice" has taken the initiative to run the Red My Lips campaign to raise awareness and support the victims of sexual violence and domestic violence, and to destroy myths and stereotypes about rape and blaming the victims.

The National Justice Institute supports the social solidarity actions undertaken in the campaign and condemns violence of any kind, including sexual violence. Throughout the month, on official facebook pages of the National Institute of Justice and "Action for Justice" will be published photos and informative messages on sexual consent and sexual violence.



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