The results of the NIJ – HELP Program partnership discussed at the annual e-conference of the European Network

02. 07. 2021

The Director of the National Institute of Justice, National Coordinator of the HELP Program in the Republic of Moldova, Diana Scobioala, participated in the annual e-conference of the European Program on Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP). The event was held between 1 and 2 of July 2021 under the title “Human Rights: Answers to Global Challenges”.

At the e-conference, Diana Scobioala spoke about her experience as a HELP focal point and as the leader of the only judicial training center for future judges and prosecutors in the country on the implementation of distance trainings within the National Institute of Justice and their impact on the beneficiaries of initial training, continuous training and the training of trainers. Starting with 2015, NIJ adapted to the internal legal order and launched 11 HELP courses integrated in the training curricula of the Institute and attended by 1731 actors of the legal system.

In her speech, the Director of the NIJ also referred to the transfer of HELP courses on the NIJ ILIAS platform, to the trial of three new courses and to the unique experience of involving law students and masters in specialized training of justice professionals.

The annual conference of the European Program on Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals was organized under the auspices of the Hungarian Presidency of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Council of Europe and brought together representatives of the judicial schools of the Council of Europe member states. This year's edition aimed to present the main developments of the program, including the new courses to be launched, the analysis of HELP's response to current global challenges and the creation of a discussion forum between the network representatives.