Scientific Conference „Ensuring the right to a healthy environment and the challenges of the transition to the EU” took place

15. 05. 2023

The International Scientific Conference „Ensuring the right to a healthy environment and the challenges of the transition to the European Union” took place on Friday, May 12, 2023, bringing together representatives of public authorities and academia, of the business environment, of the civil society, doctoral students, master students and students of the Faculty of Law from the State University of Moldova.

Present at the event, Ecaterina Popa, ad interim Director of the National Institute of Justice, mentioned the importance of strengthening the capacities of NIJ beneficiaries in the field of environmental justice: „Climate change, pollution and general degradation of ecosystems also have a profound impact on respect for human rights. Through the continuing education programs, of the thematic schools, of the HELP e-course „Environment and human rights”, institutionalized by the National Institute of Justice, we ensure, in collaboration with P.A. EcoContact, that our justices have the necessary knowledge of how human rights and the instruments of the Council of Europe can be used to achieve environmental protection and be prepared to meet the needs and requirements of society in regarding environmental protection”, she stressed in the opening.

The conference took place in several sessions with the following topics: The right to a healthy environment – between global and local; Ensuring the right to a healthy environment – priority in the activity of law enforcement bodies; Economic / agricultural activity and environmental law. Comparative approaches; Access to information and environmental justice; Young people involved in the analysis of priorities in the field of the right to a safe environment.

The event was organized in partnership by the State University of Moldova, the Ministry of Environment, P.A. EcoContact, Global Campus of Human Rights, National Institute of Justice, Police Academy „Stefan cel Mare” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ecological University of Bucharest (Romania), University of Warsaw (Poland), within the project „Green justice for a protected environment and sustainable communities in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented with the support of Sweden.