Unique opportunity for NIJ trainees: integration into the long-term initial training cycle at the National School of Magistracy in France

20. 02. 2023

For the first time, the trainees of the National Institute of Justice of the Republic of Moldova have the opportunity to be enrolled in the initial training course at the School of Magistracy of the French Republic. This topic was the main point of the meeting discussions that took place on Monday, February 20, 2023, between Pierre de Monte, liaison magistrate from the Embassy of the French Republic in Bucharest with competences for the Republic of Moldova and Romania, and Ecaterina Popa, NIJ ad interim director.

On this occasion, Ecaterina Popa expressed her gratitude for the support offered in several actions realized last year addressed to the beneficiaries of the NIJ, including the study visit of a group of trainees at the European Court of Human Rights and the filmmaking of the debates on the French film “Child Trafficking” as a film material in the second part of the documentary. Successively, Pierre de Monte confirmed his readiness to a further support of the Institute on both dimensions the training of future judges and prosecutors and judges and prosecutors in office.

During the meeting, the parties referred to the long-term traineeship for the NIJ trainees, which involves six months of theoretical training in Bordeaux, together with French judicial auditors, and five months of practical training at a court. It was also discussed the organization of a study visit to key institutions in the French judicial system and to the Strasbourg Court, the preparation of a thematic school in order to raise awareness on the prevention of corruption segment for the NIJ trainees, as well as conducting management and leadership training programs for judges and prosecutors.

The meeting was also attended by Olga Marandici, Head of International Relations Section, Cezara-Elena Polisca, Head of the Training of Trainers and didactic - methodological Section and Guillemette de Maguitot, French trainee lawyer.