Headquarters of the NIJ – historical background


On 29 May 1913 the extraordinary meeting of Chisinau city Duma passed “The Project on Establishing the Primary General Education in Chisinau for 1914-1923”.

First activity from the “Project”, planned for 1914 was the edification of a building designed for Primary School for Boys No. 1 and Primary School for Girls No. 5.

The construction of the building commenced in May 1914 and lasted for two years. On 25 May 196 the building has been sanctified by Archbishop of Chsinau and Hotin, Anastasie.


1916 – Primary School for Girls No. 5 and Primary School for Boys No. 1

1929 – Orphan Asylum “Casa copilului „Regina Maria”.

1941 – Children were evacuated to Ural Region of Russia.

1946 – Advanced Training Faculty and the Veterinary Medicine Faculty of the Agricultural Institute (now known as the University of Agriculture).

End of 80th of XX century – Publishing House „Literatura artistică”.

2006 – the National Institute of Justice.