E-learning, also known as electronic learning represents acquiring of knowledge through digital and electronic means, thus ensuring offering information, supervision of the study process and communication between the students and trainers. The e-learning study courses offered by the National Institute of Justice are properly certified. Each beneficiary of the Institute may apply for the available study courses under the terms and conditions periodically published by the Institute.

E-learning offers a series of benefits:

  • Accessibility. One needs only a computer and Internet access in order to benefit e-learning courses.
  • Reduced costs. E-learning means less financial costs both for the participant and the educational institution.
  • No need to visit the Study center in order to participate, personally, at training activities.
  • Efficient time management. Participant decides, by himself/herself, the time necessary for study.
  • All study materials necessary for e-learning are always available and may be downloaded to the computer. The participant may, at any time he/she wants, access the necessary study course, review its contents or read information.
  • E-learning study courses are certified by the National Institute of Justice.
  • There is a possibility to communicate with the trainer and other participants of the e-learning study courses through a secured electronic forum or email.
  • There is no need to have specific knowledge/skills to participate at e-learning study course. Upon request, the Institute may offer technical and informational support.